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Florence Jaroniak

A contributor for a press agency in Montpellier, a freelance journalist specialising in wine, and the author of several books, Florence can probably be blamed for the loss of several French forests, such is her appetite for writing! Her inquisitive nature has prompted her to soak up the local scenery and architectural heritage, indulge in both the food and the wines, and finally, spend time with the people, all of which give her great pleasure. Through her paintings, another of her fortes, she also commits them to memory. This book reflects her love of walks in the countryside and, of course, wine!

Tél. 06 62 65 61 30 - f.jaroniak@free.fr


Sharon Nagel

The English countryside is where Sharon grew up, before rapidly fulfilling her desire to head off in search of the Mediterranean sunshine. A passionate reader, writer and wine lover, she moved to a house on a former wine estate in the Pic Saint Loup and pursued a career in wine writing and translation. In doing this she secured a name for herself in the international wine industry. One of her most recent contributions was to the book ‘Gigondas: Its Wines, Its Land, Its People’, which was awarded the prize for the Best Translated Wine Book by the 2013 Gourmand Awards.

Tél. 06 84 04 19 37 – nagel.sharon@gmail.com


Gaylord Burguiere

After studying photography at the Louis Lumière school in Paris, Gaylord worked both in photo studios and labs. He then set sail for the Caribbean, India and Madagascar, before starting a new

life in wine in Languedoc, first as a wine merchant, then as manager of the Saint-Chinian wine visitor centre. Since 2013, he has also been running PR and marketing for the Saint-Chinian producers’ organisation but has never strayed far from photography, snapping away at vineyard landscapes and unspoilt scenery to his heart’s content and revelling in the great outdoors!

Domaine de Cantafaroune, La plaine, 34270 Lauret.


TEL. 06 62 65 61 30




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Les partenaires du 1er tome "Un terroir, des hommes, le Pic Saint-Loup :

Union Européenne,

Ministère de l'agriculture, de l'alimentation et de la pêche

Conseil Départemental de l'Hérault

CIVL (Syndicat des AOC du Languedoc)

Syndicat des vignerons du Pic Saint Loup

Communauté de Communes du Grand Pic Saint-Loup

Coop de France

Crédit Agricole Languedoc

Groupama Méditerranée

Groupe ICV

Buche Vaslin

Tonnellerie Berthomieu

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